Mutant and proud
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[Day 16] Mutant and Proud

Mutant and proud

See for more incredible art by Blain Hefner.

It’s day 16 of the blog challenge. My topics to choose from are:

1) Favorite movie


2) Favorite TV show

I love movies and comic books. Especially where the main character(s) must learn to accept they will never be “normal” and learn to embrace what the majority of people see as something negative.

I’m kind of obsessed with X-men for this reason.

My whole life I’ve felt like an outcast. I’ve see things that other people don’t. I feel EVERYTHING. And I feel guided to lead others who feel the same way and inspired to help two worlds co-exist.

I’m a mutant.

A lightworker who is fascinated with the darkness of the human psyche.

A hippie who loves playing video games.

Misanthropic one day.

Full of hope for humanity the next.

A loner, but never alone.

Mutant: an organism (usually otherwise human) who possesses a genetic trait called an X-gene that allows the mutant to naturally develop superhuman powers and abilities.

To the world, a freak of nature.

Born different.


Feared for being different.

“Mankind has always feared what it does not understand.” -Magneto.

What’s a mutie to do? When every person you meet and place you go tells you to conform. When all you hear is:

“Stop being so weird.”
“You shouldn’t feel that way.”
“Get a real job.”
“You can’t change the world.”
“You’re crazy.”

If it’s crazy to think all the fighting in the world is stupid, yes I’m crazy.
If it’s crazy to want to talk about dreams instead of the weather, yes I’m crazy.
If it’s crazy to believe I can make a difference without a college education (gasp!) then YES.

I am batsh*t crazy.

And for so long, I thought I had to apologize for it. I thought I had to hide it. I thought I had to deny it.

Screw that.

Mutant and proud.

Charles Xavier quotes

This is my favorite quote from the most recent X-Men movie. Future professor x goes back to talk to a previous version of himself – the one who had given up his gift because he had lost hope.

I feel this way often.

“Why should I even bother trying to help people who do the things they do?”
“Why would they listen to me?”
“I can’t watch the world do this to itself.”

This mutation called empathy, hypersensitivity, crazy – nearly killed me.

But I made a choice.

To stay on this planet. To be a leader. To help humankind evolve.


What’s your “mutation”? How do you embrace it when everything tells you to just “be normal”?