5 Things to Do to Avoid a Full-Blown “OMFG Please Kill Me NOW” Panic Attack

1. Stop listening to the thoughts that are racing by. Acknowledge their presence, but don’t buy into their story.

2. Start talking out loud. Find a phrase and repeat it (there’s no place like home there’s no place like home there’s no place like home).

3. Go for a walk and/or “shake it off.” Literally pretend you are shaking it all off of your body.

4. Scream as loud as you can into a pillow, or if no one is around to call the police, don’t even worry about finding the pillow.

5. Hug yourself. Validate your feelings as you do so. For example, say: “I’m feeling frustrated! It’s frustrating when I feel like no one is listening.” Be loving and understanding toward yourself.


It’s true.

there is always hope
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An old tumblr post:

As I’ve probably mentioned before, rejection is the feeling buried deepest into my cells. Thus making it the most difficult to chisel away at.

In the past it has sent me into blind frenzies which usually resulted in seeking revenge. It never reached the point of physically harming anyone, though the thoughts were always there.

I dug into my arms, my legs, my chest with whatever I could find. Be it finger nails, broken glass, safety pins or my personal favorite, ripping apart a 3 in 1 blade and going to town.

When that didn’t work, I would just scream until my throat hurt, cringe, tense up, check out.

My practice has become to stay with the feeling no matter where my mind takes me, no matter the things I’d like to say to make myself “right.”

Today when I got triggered, I chose to walk. Usually that helps me stay in my body, but this time I was unable to stop the thoughts.

Racing racing racing by.

Why do I believe them?

I get angry that the feeling is lingering longer than usual. I’m frustrated. I cry. I courageously march up the stairs, when my body wants to fall to the floor.

Is the floor always this loud?

God, not going into avoidance is quite the challenge.

I feel like a warrior, the battle against myself is only half over and it could go either way.

Quick, do something Carrie.

Move your arms, stomp your feet, just feel.

Well that took care of the judgment part of it. Turn on that song. That one you really love.

Now dance.

I walk over to the mirror, I see the light. I am the light. A glow now surrounds me.

As I stare deep into my own eyes, my face begins to morph into bravery, victory, certainty.

I am whole. And the seeds I’ve planted into this vessel have begun to grow.