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7 Gifts I Give to Others and Our World

7 gifts

Day 17. Here are the topics:

1) How do your Gifts heal others and our World?


2) How do you use your spiritual Gifts to change lives and make a difference?

Here are the 7 Gifts I Give to Others and Our World…

#1 The gift of awareness

Because I am so sensitive, I’ve had to hone my awareness. When I first got clean, I started working with my coach with whom I learned all the “stuff” I was carrying around. She helped me clear all that so I could be conscious and aware of energies of people and places, blocks within myself and others, planetary gobbledygook, etc. This awareness, along with the necessary boundaries (physical and energetic) allows me to see, feel, know and appreciate things that can be easily overlooked by the untrained eye.

How this helps others: When I’m talking to someone or am in a session with a client, my awareness/intuition is my guide. It helps me ask questions that get people to the root of the problem, know what cues to listen for, when to speak and when to listen.

#2 The gift of empathy

The gift that nearly killed me might just be my greatest gift to humanity. When I was younger, my empathy was so strong I couldn’t tell where others ended and I began. I had no clear energetic boundaries so I absorbed the weight of the world. Without knowing what was happening, I turned to drugs to numb me. But when I decided to stop I also decided to face everything. In doing so I learned to honor this gift because I remembered, in my darkest moments all I wanted was for someone to understand.

How this helps others: The teens I work with tell me all the time. “I feel so alone. I just want someone to understand.” Because I’ve learned when and where to use my empathic abilities, I can give these young people the gift of someone who truly understands. Not only because I’ve been there, but because they can feel, in the moments we’re talking, that I’m tapped into their feelings at a deep level.

#3 The gift of knowing

With awareness comes knowing. I don’t know how I know things, I just do. It still surprises my husband sometimes. A few days ago he said, “you know what I would have liked to have done for a couple of years?” Before he finished asking the question, I heard loud and clear, “peace corps.” He asked how I knew that. To which I replied, “I just did.” And it happens a lot. When you’re aware you just know.

How this helps others: It shows others what’s possible and what they are capable of. It helps me know which direction to take a session, how to handle a situation and guide my clients out of stuckness gracefully.

#4 The gift of listening

I’m not much of a talker, but people love talking to me. Which is great because I love to listen. And not just with my ears, but with my whole being. When I’m listening, I’m also feeling and radiating love and acceptance. When I’m listening, I can hear what someone is really saying, beyond what their words are conveying.

How this helps others: My clients and people in general feel safe talking to me. I can’t tell you how many times someone has said, “I’ve never told this to anyone before…” Because they know I will listen without judgment and offer genuine feedback, support and guidance.

#5 The gift of communication

I have a way with words. I have been in love with language since I was a young girl and know how to clearly articulate exactly what I mean – especially through writing. As a small child exposed to constant fighting I learned that the words we use and the place from which we speak can either separate us or connect us. So often when people speak, they are unaware of themselves and can therefore not be aware of others. I can recognize this in a heartbeat.

How this helps others: I can tell when someone is not in alignment with what they are saying. By first helping them identify their true feelings, I can then help them speak from a place of openness and authenticity rather than judgement and blame. This in turn allows the lines of conversation to be open and the heart of the issue to be easily addressed.

#6 The gift of feeling

What I mean by this is I help other people feel. Whenever I am with someone I make sure they know they have the right to feel what they feel. As someone who has struggled with BPD, I know the importance of acknowledging, honoring and truly feeling the feelings. When we deny our feelings, we add another layer on top of them and never get to experience the true feeling – which is the only way to move past it.

How this helps others: If you work with me – I will make you cry (in a good way). I will get you to feel whatever has been eating away at you. I can call BS like no other and get someone into the deep stuff they don’t want to feel, but must in order to make real and lasting changes.

#7 The gift of light

Because of all the energy work I have done in the last seven years and how much I have cleared out, I can transmit A LOT of healing energy. I can feel it running through me, energizing me and helping me create miracles and awakening others to what is possible.

How this helps others: The love and light I emanate supports not just my clients, but everyone I meet. With this light comes safety, serenity, peace and courage for others to be all of who they are.

Journaling prompts

Write down and answer the following:

  1. How can I turn my biggest challenges into my greatest gifts to the planet?
  2. How have I used these gifts today?
  3. How will I use them in the future?

I would love to hear from you. What do you feel your greatest gift to humanity is? Why? Leave me a comment!

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3 Journaling Prompts to Encourage Self-Discovery

Self-discovery is one of the main goals of journaling. When I first began writing it was because I felt lost and had no idea who I was or who I wanted to be. It helped me connect back to the part of me that was greater, wiser and more confident than my thoughts and circumstances.

There is one constant in your life.

It’s you.

Other people will come and go, but you remain.

Which is why taking time to truly know yourself is one of the best things you can do. When you know how you operate, you’re less affected by what’s going on outside of you. You become more of a deliberate creator and conscious choice-maker.

Some people say journaling and other forms of self-care are selfish. I disagree. When we take care of ourselves and take time to know what makes us smile, laugh and cry we have more to give.

Which reminds me of this quote:

“The greatest gift you can ever give another person is your own happiness”
― Esther Hicks

So, do yourself a solid (you deserve it!) and take 30 minutes to journal today. Here are a few prompts to get you started.

Journal Time!

Write down and answer the following questions:

What makes me laugh?

What opens my heart?

What makes me want to be alive?

What did you learn about yourself today? How will you use this information to help others? Please leave your comments below!

journaling prompts for teenagers
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3 Fear-Crushing Journaling Prompts for Young Dreamers, Visionaries and Future Superstars

journaling prompts for teenagers

This article is for people of all ages (teenagers, parents, etc.) who are on a mission to make a really big impact in our world. It’s a personal journal entry turned public with added journaling prompts for you to explore.


For all the things I  think I can’t do or haven’t done, there are so many things I can do and I have done.

I’ve sent out 100s of emails. I’ve made more phone calls in the past year than I have in my entire life. I’ve talked to people. I’ve opened up. I’ve shared my story and have had the opportunity to hear others’.

I’ve done so many things I thought I’d never do.

I’ve gotten a lot of “nos.”

I’ve gotten a few “yeses.”

I’m still going.

I haven’t fizzled out.


Maybe it’ll take 5 years to have the kind of success I want, but the way to reach it faster is not by beating myself up. But rather, to keep looking for evidence of my success in every moment of every day.

I can focus my attention on what I am doing well.

I can choose to focus on who I am becoming.

I can choose to focus on the progress I’ve made.

And the people I’ve inspired.


Doing those things brings me closer to having what I want than focusing on what I think I’m doing wrong.

I’m sure I’m making a lot of mistakes – some I’m probably not even aware of.

But the more I fear making mistakes, the more power they have over me.

Even in the moments I feel weak, part of me is strong.

Even in the moments I feel hopeless, there is still hope.

And I find it by looking.

I find it by remembering I’ve found it before.

I find it by reminding myself I always manage to land on my feet.



And I find it by realizing it’s not as far as I think.

The answers are right in front of me.

And in fact, they are within me.


And they might not always look the way I thought they would.

I might not always feel the way I’d hoped I’d feel.

But if I listen closely…

And if I love myself even when the answers are different than I thought they’d be…

That’s when I’m free.


And then I remember freedom is all I’ve been wanting the entire time.

But here’s the secret:

It didn’t come from any outer circumstance.


Freedom is always within us, waiting to be acknowledged.


I understand I don’t have to push so hard.

I get there is a part of me that does allow ease and grace. And just because it’s not the dominant part in this moment, does not mean I can’t choose to find comfort in knowing it’s there.

For every part of me that feels something unpleasant, there’s a part eager to rise to the surface – the one who knows life is meant to be joyful.

That I deserve to feel balanced and in alignment.

It’s okay to trust.

The acceptance I want first comes from accepting myself.

Peace is just a breath away.

And freedom doesn’t cost a thing.


And now, I feel complete.

I am whole.

This is where I want to be.


So now, it’s your turn to write. Think of something in the future you’re worried about – an upcoming event or interaction with someone.

#1 Write about your fears and the worst thing that could possibly happen.

#2 Write out the best possible outcome.

#3 Come up with something even better.


Thanks so much for reading. Please leave your comments and insights in the box below!