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Creation vs. Destruction

Hoods is still alive, but the flowers he's been sleeping and peeing on are not.

Hoods is still alive, but the flowers he’s been sleeping and peeing on are not.

Some days are significantly more challenging than others.

But rest assured, those are the days that will teach you the most.

That is, if you’re choosing to look for what they might be teaching you.

There is a destructive part of you.

Call it the past.

Call it ego.

Call it fear.

Call it whatever you’d like, but decide that it doesn’t get to overpower you any longer.

You’ve made it this far because you’ve chosen.

And you keep choosing not to listen to old thoughts.

And you keep finding new ones that feel just a little better.

Because it feels good.

And it’s just the right amount of good.

Not so much that you’ll be overwhelmed with the big change.

But enough to keep you seeking.

Keep you wondering.

Keep you hungry for more.

Because you’re a creator.

No longer are you willing to listen to what the destroyer has to say.

You’ve had enough.

You’re ready.

You’re ready to change your life.

And you’re in the process of transforming it right now.

Some days its easier to forget you’ve got a choice.

Some days there isn’t a doubt in your mind.

It’s all ebb and flow.

It’s all perfect.

And we’re ALL doing our best to remember that.


The past has served a great purpose in your life (in all of our lives).
Today, write about your biggest life lessons.
And how they have impacted you.
Now write down and answer the following question:
If I had one core lesson or message to share with the world, what would it be?
(Mine is “you are enough and you can do anything”)



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1 2 3 4 Years Sober (Journal Time!)



Yep, that’s right.

I’ve been sober for four years.


Not a drink.

Not a puff of the ganj.



I’m excited (if you can’t tell).

For two reasons.

That being the first.

The second,

I feel better than any drug ever made me feel.


Because I’m doing what makes me happy.

I feel in total alignment with the highest most

creative and confident part of myself.


When you’ve got that, you don’t need much else.

You know who you are.

You know what to do.

You’re ready.

You’re willing.

You trust.


And nothing can take that away from you.

It’s that simple.



First make a list of 10 (or more) things you’ve accomplished throughout your life.
Then, write down and answer the following questions:
What qualities did I need in order to overcome these things?
What can I do today to nurture these qualities?


*Bonus: Give yourself (and your journal!) a big ‘ol hug and say,