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Love Exists in All Moments

When in doubt, use this affirmation.


Decide to look for love within you and all around you.

Start by finding one thing you love.

Maybe it’s a song.

Or an exchange of words.

Or a smile.

You can find love in your darkest moments.

And I encourage you to do so.

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Love, Peace and (Vegan) Chicken Grease

If you’re feeling anxious, this one’s for you.

Peace is possible.

Peace is probable.

I don’t know how,

I just believe.

I easily face my fears


that I know exactly what to do.


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I Define Me


I’ve decided to begin sharing affirmations that come to me/have been effective for me and others that I’ve worked with. So here is the first one. May it uplift you and remind you of what you already know.

It is not my job to internalize others’ pain or beliefs as my own. I define me. Letting someone tear me down so that they don’t have to feel is not helping me or the other person. I am not a punching bag. I am not perfect. I AM FREE TO FEEL.