“This workbook (The 5 Things Every Teen Wishes Their Parents Would Know) and Carrie’s life story show why family therapy is effective in treating adjustment reactions and related emotional problems. As a pediatrician I often found that the child or teen brought in for evaluation was the only sane member of the family, and that teen was simply reacting to the emotional upheaval in the rest of the family.

Carrie tackles the problem head on! If you want to help someone with what appears to be a behavior problem, your child, your friend, your neighbor or your patient, you must first deal with your own emotions and behavior.

Every parent wants what’s best for their kids, a point well made by Ms. Sandoval, but not all parents know just how to do that. She explains 5 everyday things all kids really would like their parents to know and then turns the discussion around to help the parent help both himself/herself as well as the teen achieve the goal.

This workbook will be especially helpful for parents who are already having problems with their kids, but likewise it will be helpful to show parents how to talk with their kids and in many case prevent their relationship from become troublesome.

I do not believe that all kids must rebel, and in fact I think that most teens do not feel their parents are their number one enemy. But, if kids are on the path to destruction this workbook will definitely be helpful for them, their parents, and the whole family.”

-Parnell Donahue, M. D.


“I really did like your short, to the point book. Thanks for the gift. It’s an easy read for both teens and parents.
You are on the right track to help parents first with issues they may have and then help their teens. The questions are very thought provoking and the answers help one get to the heart of the matter. And parents working with their teens is great showing that they are both looking for answers and willing to grow.”

Thanks again for the book,
-Nancy Mastin


“As a mother of two young daughters (11 and 14) with a past work history as a substance abuse counselor working with young people.  I feel  It’s important for all of us to be aware of the support groups and information available to parents and our children. I think that your articles and posts are inspiring and informative. Thank you for the work that you do and for sharing.”

Arvella Clare


“Carrie Thank you so much for listening to me, Alisa is doing much better and NO CUTTING! so happy for that.”

-Paula Salyer


“My mom found Carrie for me because I was having a lot of trouble with anxiety. I have grown so much as a person since I started working with her. She lets you pick out whatever you want to work on and helps to find a solution or tool to help. She never rushes you but always gives you time to think. The tools and processes she teaches you are very helpful. But the best thing is that she teaches you  how to find your own best answer or solution. I like working with her very much.”

-Annelise Henkel


“Oh Carrie, Thank you for the work you are doing! This is the best – and most balanced- information I have come across on the topic of self-harm. How grateful I am to hear your approach is connection and relationship based…. Along with practical doable steps toward healing.”

-Erin Blain, ACPI Certified Parenting Coach and Consultant
Solving Parenting Puzzles


“Carrie Leigh Sandoval has been a student, friend and client. It has been a journey of growth and an awakening of a wonderful teacher. Her tenacity to not give up in search for answers is not only inspiring—it is commendable.

Her age may seem deceiving; however, she has taken life seriously as her results show tremendously. You cannot underestimate the qualities of a teacher – her capability to engage with another human being. Besides being a successful young woman; her attributes as a leader of self are through her commitment to practice and to learn from her discoveries.

Carrie is a loving human being based on her personal successes. She is trustworthy and most of all comes from her heart with no prejudice. She can assist anyone who is willing to go the distance with her. She knows how to open your heart, to own it and to share it with others for a more fulfilling life.”

Charmaine Lee
Author, Certified B.A.N.K.™ Sales Trainer, Rev., CHt
Master Practitioner NLP and MER [Mental Emotional Release]


“Carrie Sandoval is an exceptional coach specializing in helping youth. Carrie has an innate sense of understanding youth at a deep heart felt level. Her empathic, compassionate nature fuels her passion for guiding youth to be the greatest expression of themselves that they can be. I highly recommend Carrie as the “go to” coach for anyone looking for the clarity and guidance that will empower them to blossom in all areas of their lives.”

Crystal Sorrentino, Law of Attraction Coach


 “Carrie has a special and unique way in understanding exactly what a teenager needs to move past their pain and limitations. She is a gifted coach that truly cares about the well-being of teens and young adults. Her ability to connect with young people and parents sets her apart from so many others. Carrie’s intuitive ability to tap into what is going on with her client combined with her big heart allows for amazing transformations to take place for those that really need it the most. ”

Julie Kleinhans, Education Transformation Expert, Coach and Mentor to Youth and Parents


“Carrie Leigh is a passionate advocate of personal empowerment for all. She has a history that allows her to understand where her clients are coming from and a compassionate nature that allows her to connect with their emotional needs. Her coaching techniques are powerful and she gets results. I would highly recommend her as a coach for those, especially young people, who feel alone and that the world seems to be passing them by.”

-Sonny Carl, Author, Coach and Speaker


Carrie is an incredible coach dedicated to helping young people create the lives that they want.  She can help you get un-stuck, un-trapped in your life and back in the driver’s seat. She helps you break down problems you’re currently facing into manageable pieces. I appreciate her holistic and practical approach, which helped me gain clarity about my goals and create a game plan to achieve them. She made the coaching process a useful, eye-opening and even fun experience.  If you are looking for someone to help your child or teen tackle life’s daily challenges and transform themselves into a person they envision, look no further.”

Madison, College Student


“I am a certified journaling instructor through the Center for Journal Therapy and recently have expanded my classes to include teenagers which I have found to be very rewarding. I have also been interested in becoming a certified life coach and coaching teens and parents. While learning more about coaching I found Carrie Leigh Sandoval’s website and was immediately impressed by the depth and scope of the content found within. I decided to contact Carrie initially as I had some questions with regards to working with teenagers. After talking with her I signed up for some coaching.

I was incredibly impressed with Carrie after our first session together. She not only helped me with my work with teenagers, but also helped me define goals in other areas of my life. I was eager for the next session with Carrie as I was so impressed with the information she helped me access in our first meeting. Each session I have had with Carrie has been eye-opening for me and richly rewarding. Through thought provoking questions, she helped me clarify my heart’s desires and also pin-point the perceived obstacles getting in the way of my goals.

I highly recommend Carrie as an exceptional life coach but also as a very knowledgeable and inspiring teen mentor. I also have really enjoyed reading her book, “Journals Have Feelings Too” and highly recommend it for both teens and parents alike. I applaud Carrie for her bravery and transparency in sharing her life trials and insights to help others in such a positive fashion. Thank you Carrie for all you do!!!”

-Amy Kruske, RN, BSN
Certified Journal to the Self Instructor


“I met Carrie through Twitter. I read her bio and was instantly impressed with her as a person and her accomplishments.

I contacted her and asked her to write a blog post for my company website which provides support and an online networking platform for young entrepreneurs world wide.

Within days she sent me over a well written, insightful, empowering and informative post which was a hit with my members. Her tips on how to allow success in your business has not only helped me but also inspired some members to make changes.

Thank you very much for the post and all your help!
I would definitely recommend her! She’s not only passionate about whats she does but she knows what she’s doing and is extremely knowledgeable in her field.

Thanks again Carrie”

-Lina Gadi, Start Young Global


“Many thanks for all your super articles you are inspirational. As a secondary school teacher who supports lots of different teenage isssues I find them great. Many thanks.”


For Suicide Prevention Efforts in Nevada:

“I think that what you’re heading up is a magnificent project and am honored to be apart of it.” Branden

 “Thank you for the time and effort that you are putting into this project, its sure to help a lot of people, me included.” -Carla

“I would like to say thank you for what you are doing and showing that you care about such a serious topic.” -Judith

 “I would like to thank you for tackling this topic especially considering how close it affects you. Its people like you who can overcome the obstacles in their paths, that positively change the lives of many people.”   -Manuel

“The project that you are taking on is GREAT. “ -Brianna

“Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to come and bring this to our attention.” -Angel

“I would like to thank you for what your doing, me personally have experienced any issues how ever I know that there are people who do and I want to thank you on their behalf.” -Ever

 “Thank you for deciding to take action and help many of people’s lives.” – Jasmine

“Carrie, I truly appreciate you doing this project with students. I feel that students need to be more aware about this topic and that I commend you for staying strong and sharing your story to everyone else.”           -Abby

“I would really like to read your book and I thank you very much for leading this project and letting us ambassadors from VTCTA to be a part of it also.” -Maricruz