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[Video] How I Quit Smoking Meth, Drinking and Doing Other Stupid Things

quit smoking meth

From about the age of 12 until I was 22 I was either on a substance or desperately seeking something to numb my pain. Alcohol, pills, meth, coke – you name it, I did it.

I had periods of time where I would stop – the longest of which was from 18 to about 20. But my will wasn’t quite strong enough to say no when my boyfriend at the time bought us alcohol. After that day, I traveled slowly downward and hit rock bottom the day I nearly killed myself by smoking too much speed.

That was the day my body went numb and from the heavens a goddess (yes goddess) appeared telling me, “You have to stay.”

Great. So now what?

This week’s video will give you a glimpse into how I got sober and have stayed sober for over 5 years. 

Please enjoy the video, like it and share it with someone who needs it.

Below the video you’ll find the 5 keys covered in the vid so you can look at them while you watch and have them as a reference later.

#1 Decide to Stop
#2 STOP Hanging Out with People Who Don’t Want You to Get Better
#3 Find What Makes YOU Happy
#4 STOP Talking Badly About Yourself
#5 No Means No + Yes Means YES!


Leave me your questions or comments below. Or, if you’re interested in a free discovery session with me, go here.

Note: The book referenced in this video Behind the Mask: The Many Faces of Bullying was released today and will be on Amazon soon! I will update this post as soon as I have the correct link.

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  1. Judith says:

    Hi Carrie,
    I was very impressed with the sincerity and honest of your video. You come across as real, and sincerely interested in helping others with this very difficult topic – addiction. I am very interested in young people and what makes them get into drugs — I agree with you — they are crying out for a chance to be heard, to be loved and for someone to listen to them
    I encourage you to keep going with your videos. You have a comfortable and easy style and I believe young people will listen to you. You have been set on a mission … because you’ve been there, you have credibility. I’ll be praying for you to reach many thousands of people allover the world with the message of hope and healing!
    God Speed!

    • Carrie Leigh Sandoval says:

      Thank you Judith for stopping by my site and for your feedback on my video. I’m so glad you enjoyed it and feel very grateful that you took the time to write such a heartfelt comment. Thank you!


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