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Messy Ass Mess

When life gets messy, clean it up.

Duh, I know.

Hear me out for a sec though.

I clean up about 54638374 messes a day because I have a toddler who loves to make messes. He doesn’t think about the fact that he’ll have to clean it up.

He just stirs shit up. 

Some days I don’t feel like cleaning. Today though, I wasn’t giving any thought to it or putting any energy into it. I just picked up the toys and I was done.

Then I had the thought, “when life gets messy, clean it up.”

So many times I’ve focused on the “here we go again” of the process of picking up the pieces.

And so many times that has been counterproductive.

Counterproductive, yes.

But, easily resolved.

Life isn’t perfect.

I’m not perfect.

That’s nothing to get mad about.

I can get mad briefly if it’ll make me feel better, but when I focus on the improvement, or the fact that I didn’t stay angry quite as long or the fact that today was just a little easier than the day prior, I’m putting a welcome mat out, inviting more things into my life that are just a little better.

You know what you have to do. Don’t let what you haven’t done stop you. The moment you realize you’re beating the shit out of yourself, stop that shit.That made me chuckle.

Be a super hero.

Come to your own damn rescue.



And remember:

You are still lovable when…

You stumble over your words

When you don’t know what to say

When you don’t say anything at all

When you’re frustrated

When you’re angry

When no one is looking

When everyone is looking

When you’re being judged

When you’re judging yourself

When you feel hopeless


You are still lovable

When you don’t see it

When you can’t feel it

When there isn’t anyone there to remind you



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