Invoke Your Journal

iloveyoujournalSo if you’ve been keeping up, you’ve caught on. Friday is and will always (until further notice) be “journal time!” day which is the term I coined in my book.

I will give you creative prompts to make your journaling intentional and fun.

I believe in the power of journaling.

I have seen and continue to find evidence of the amazing things I’ve overcome and the amazing goals I’ve accomplished in my life with the help of my journal.





In fact in my journal I just completed I wrote down,

“I have decided to unapologetically use the word shit more often.”

So there’s that.


The photo is an introduction to my new friend, who I’ve decided will be my most magnificent manifesting journal of all time.



Today, I’d like to encourage you to explore what you’d like to accomplish with your journal, by writing down and answering the following questions:

What do I wish to create?
What do I wish to heal?
Who will this journal help me become?
By the time I reach the last page of this journal, I will have ___________.

I believe anyone can write their way to anything they can imagine. The more deliberate you are about your journaling, the greater its (and your) power will become.

If you decide that together, you and your journal will be unstoppable,



So it is. So it is. So it is.

Happy Day! Happy Journaling!


Love always,



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