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7 Do’s and Don’ts for Estrogen Dominance

This one’s for the ladies.

And for the dudes who love the ladies.

Hormonal imbalance.

Aka if you so much as look at me I will punch you in the face.

But I won’t.

Because that’s not how I roll.

I usually internalized it because I thought there was something wrong with me.

And there was.

With my body.

Not me.

That took a minute for me to fully understand.

I found a state of equilibrium through diet and herbs prior to giving birth to Adin, but if there’s one thing that will mess with balance it’s that.

And so my panic attacks returned.

You see stress and lack of sleep exasperate such conditions.

You’re not crazy.

It’s a real thing.

Others things that make it worse:

1. Pesticides

2. Animal products

3. Drugs/alcohol

4. Anything that taxes your liver

5. Refined crizzap

6. Soy products

7. Plastics

Thankfully I knew all this so I wasn’t doing those 7. For me it was just finding a way to reduce my stress and manage my time and energy.

Bottom line for mums.

Come up with a plan and find support to execute said plan.

Ask for help.

Be okay with the fact that you’re not super mom (you are though!)

Supermoms are supermoms because of who they are not what they do.

In addition:

1. Get your probiotic on

2. Get your cruciferous vegetable on (Brussel sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, etc.)

3. Get your walk on (I used to take thank you walks in the summer which not only got my circulation going, but raised my vibration because I was only focusing on things I was thankful for)

4. Get your magnesium on (I use ionic fizz)

5. Get your journal time on (changes your point of focus and helps you remember it’s just your hormones)

6. Get your meditation on

7. Get your Glee on. Sing loudly.


I hope this helps you!

Mucho love,


p.s. You’ve got this.

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