[Day 7] Favorite Causes

30 day blog challenge

Today is Day 7 of the blog challenge. Topics to choose from:

1) What is your Favorite Cause?


2) If you were in charge of things, what would the World look like?

I’ve been involved in many causes over the years and help when and where I can, but in recent years, I’ve been delving deeply into the mental health area. There are a lot of changes I would like to see there.

For a very long time, I wouldn’t go near anyone in this field because I thought they were the enemy.

I realize now this energy was displaced because of my personal experience (which thankfully is not everyone else’s experience). I had to forgive the doctors, therapists, psychiatrists, counselors and treatment facility workers who really didn’t know how to help someone like me.

I’ve got tears steaming down my face right now as I remember the first moment I realized what I wanted to do in my life. It’s been a long 10 years since that defining moment.

But there I was, 17 years old, in the middle of my 3rd panic attack that day when everything abruptly stopped. There was a break in my reality and when I looked up at the person sitting across from me I calmly stated, “I would never wish this on anyone.” It was in that moment I knew I was meant to do something big with this experience. I knew without a shadow of a doubt this was part of the plan.

And this is the point in time I choose to focus on when I’m doubting myself or my work. There are so many people out there who are experiencing the same thing I did. There are so many young people especially who are being labeled, drugged and discarded because they and those around them believe they are “beyond help.”

But they’re not. They just want to be seen, heard, known and loved for who they are.

They want our help.

But are afraid to ask for it.

Which is why we have to talk about it. Which is why we have to say,

“Hey, I’m screwed up too.”

But let’s be okay with that. Let’s embrace it. Let’s accept it because nothing is going to change through force.

It has to start with acceptance.

It has to start with you accepting all parts of yourself so that when you look at another person all you see is a beautiful, imperfect human being just like you.

To briefly address topic 2, I’m going to list the top ten things I’d like to change around here.

  1. I want us to be able to trust each other more
  2. I want people to tell me how they really feel (instead of saying “fine” or “good” when I ask “how are you?”)
  3. I want “mental illness” to be seen as a gift
  4. I want people to allow others to believe what they believe
  5. I want people to stop fighting over God, money and everything else – I’ve always been extremely against war
  6. I want people of all genders, races, sexual orientations, etc. to be treated equally
  7. I want everyone to stop messing with the earth – she doesn’t like it
  8. I want schools to understand that a lot of kids can’t and don’t learn in that setting – I know I didn’t
  9. I want people to respect their bodies and the bodies of others – sex is a sacred act and both parties should have consent
  10. I want corporations to stop treating animals the way they do just so they can make more money

But here’s the thing…

I can’t change anyone. The only thing I can do is be more of the person I’d like to be. And know and TRUST it makes a difference.

Maybe it won’t change the world, but I know it can help one person. Who will help another. And another. And another.

So I’m going to keep praying for the strength, wisdom and dedication I need to be able to serve my purpose in the world. I’m going to keep showing up, speaking up and LISTENING to what others have to say – you wouldn’t believe how many people just need someone who will listen and allow them to be who they are.

What cause are you passionate about? How are you “being the change”? Drop me a line in the comments section below.

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  1. Harriet Stack says:

    This is beautiful and moving. Thank you. I’m a big anti death penalty person. Other than that, most of the causes I am passionate about revolve around freedom of thought and conviction. I also home educated my own son from the age of 13 (he’s now 18) and feel very strongly that schools here in the UK are generally not fostering independent thought or creativity. I know there are specialist schools who do this but not everyone can access that sort of education. Mental health issues are close to my heart as well because that is the reason we made the home education decision. That’s his stuff so I don’t share it in detail. Thank you for your powerful post.

  2. Arwen says:

    So very moving. I’ve been through my own battles with mental health. I admire your drive. Seeing mental health in different ways would change this world. 😀

  3. Tamay says:

    I think, for me, being the change is allowing myself to live fully unfettered. By that I mean without my doubts and fear. Whether that means ignoring them or confronting them I need to create a life where they don’t impede the process. Also, I should be more in dialogue with those around me. I can’t very well lead a life of expansion in a silo can I? 🙂


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