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[Day 27] Self-Compassion + Mental Health


Today is day 27 of the blog challenge.

Let me just say, before I get into the topic, I bought a new hair dryer today and I am incredibly grateful. I’ve been using a dryer that’s cracked and only blows cold air for over a year. So. Happy.

Point is, if there is something you’ve been tolerating, stop it. Go get what you really want/need. Ask for help. Take that step. Make it happen.

Anyway, my topic is simply to post a video I like.

Here’s one of my favorite TED talks:

We all have different voices or sub personalities in our head, each of which want to be heard and loved. This approach to healing schizophrenia is not only compassionate, but extremely effective. And I love how personal it is.

What did you think/feel? Leave me a comment below.

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