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[Day 19] Cat Wisdom


Day 19. Today’s topics:

1) Your favorite Tarot deck and why


2) A card you REALLY like or REALLY dislike, and why

I dabbled in tarot a bit when I was younger (still have the decks), but in recent years have loved using oracle cards.

Here is my favorite deck:


The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards: A 52-Card Deck and Guidebook

My hubby gave these to me as a birthday gift several years ago (along with a magic wand) and I love them.

I’ll pick a card for myself today and tell you my interpretation of it.

Here it is:


Not only did I just adopt a kitty (pictured above), but one of my challenges in life has been establishing healthy boundaries. As someone who has suffered greatly from borderline personality disorder, I made a lot of poor choices.

I don’t like to admit that I’ve allowed other people to take advantage of me. Nor do I like to admit that I’m anything, but perfect.

The illusion of perfection keeps me safe.

But at what cost?

We must learn to not only live with ourselves but love ourselves – our WHOLE selves.

The cat does this well.

  • She does her own thing.
  • She doesn’t actively seek attention or approval, but allows others to love her.
  • She unapologetically struts her stuff.
  • She has “9 lives.”
  • She always lands on her feet.
  • She lives freely.
  • Though she loves to spend time alone, she’s never lonely.

This card reminds me I can be all of me. I don’t need anyone’s permission to do what I truly want to do. It reminds me to:

Say yes when I mean yes.
Say no when I mean no.
Ask for what I need.
Know that I deserve to have my needs met.
Stop people pleasing.
Actively and unapologetically seek what brings me joy.
Have the courage to do things differently.

Admittedly I’ve been attempting to fit into models I just don’t fit into lately. But, from this moment forward (you have my permission to call me out on this) I am committed to being the total expression of who I am. Join me?

How can (and will) you apply the cat’s wisdom in your life today?


What one thing can you eliminate from your life that has been dragging you down? Leave me a comment below.

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