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[Day 18] Fun.

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Day 18. Here are my topics:

1) What do you like to do for fun?


2) How can you incorporate more fun into your every day life?

I have to find a way to make my life fun and exciting.

When I don’t I can easily slip into boredom and eventually depression.

Sometimes I dance in the aisle at stores, climb up things just to prove a point, jump out of airplanes, go on roller coasters, drive with no destination in mind and laugh at absolutely nothing.

I enjoy playing at the park with my son. Really playing – going down the slides, swinging on the swings, chasing him around and acting like a kid.

Part of me thought I had to say goodbye to my playful side because I’m an “adult.” But that’s some hullaballoo.

Don’t ever lose that part of you.

Now I ask you: how will you incorporate more fun into your day today? Leave me a comment below.

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  1. Karen Sealey says:

    I’m never short of ways to find fun 😀 Today, I’ve had a quite a big tidy up… which is not that much fun.. BUT… now I have lots of space and later I’m planning on getting out my paint box and getting messy… which is fun! 😀


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