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An Opportunity, A Gift (Journal Time!)

This week, all three people I had appointments with were either extremely late or didn’t show up.

This left me with an underlying feeling of WTF?!

According to the Law of Attraction, I created this in my life.

Mkay, great.

So why did I create it?

I’m still not 100% certain, but I have an idea.

I’ve been asking for more alone time, so I took the time I had to meditate and do some networking (WIN!)

It seems that was the most important thing and what I needed.

In the past, I would have thrown a pity party for oh, a few days. I would have either been figuratively or literally banging my head against the wall trying to “figure out” why this was happening.

I know better now (WIN #2)

Gift number two that came from this:

It was an opportunity to love myself anyway.

As of late, I’ve been choosing to know that no matter what happens or what things appear to be, I’m still alright.

I don’t have to know why.

And in fact, it doesn’t make me feel too hot when I think about why.

I panicked briefly and thought it was because something was wrong.

I accepted what was happening.

And that created space for me to see, feel and know that maybe, just maybe, it meant that something was going right.

And things just aren’t what they appear.

Gift number three that came from this:

It created time for me to do my journal time today.


That being said, grab your journaling supplies and lets do this.

Write down and answer the following questions:

What can I do to ensure that I am accepting myself and allowing something even better to show up?
What wins and gifts have come from this situation?
What did I learn about myself from this?


Let me know how it goes. 🙂

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  1. Melissa Wright says:

    I absolutely love your lessons/wins! It is so fun when you can clearly see examples where you are starting to shift your beliefs and thought patterns. What is even more important than why you attracted what you did today, it what amazing things are you attracting right now because of the positive shifts that you have made?

    I love that you turned your unexpected free time into productive, self love time!

    I also wanted to mention an idea that I stumbled on yesterday about journaling that really intrigued me. I don’t know if you typically type your journal or if you write it by hand, but even if you type it normally this is something you may want to try. I wish I could remember who mentioned this idea, but who ever it was said that a good way to get more in touch with your creativity/creative ideas is to journal using your left hand.

    • C says:


      Thank you so much! It is AMAZING when I can see and FEEL evidence of huge shifts in my perception. And the question you posed, I love because I swear to you right after I wrote the post I had an amazing call, had an unexpected check in my inbox and an email from someone I want to work with. So it’s as if those moments are major opportunities for quantum leaps. IF we choose to see them that way.

      Thanks for the suggestion! I do write in a physical journal every day. I have done some writing with my non-dominant hand as part of a class I did and it was challenging for me. My hand can barely keep up with my brain as it is. It’ll be fun to play with again though! I actually connected with a woman named Mari from createwritenow.com who journals using both hands. It’s a great idea!

      Have you tried it yet?!


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