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3 Fear-Crushing Journaling Prompts for Young Dreamers, Visionaries and Future Superstars

journaling prompts for teenagers

This article is for people of all ages (teenagers, parents, etc.) who are on a mission to make a really big impact in our world. It’s a personal journal entry turned public with added journaling prompts for you to explore.


For all the things I  think I can’t do or haven’t done, there are so many things I can do and I have done.

I’ve sent out 100s of emails. I’ve made more phone calls in the past year than I have in my entire life. I’ve talked to people. I’ve opened up. I’ve shared my story and have had the opportunity to hear others’.

I’ve done so many things I thought I’d never do.

I’ve gotten a lot of “nos.”

I’ve gotten a few “yeses.”

I’m still going.

I haven’t fizzled out.


Maybe it’ll take 5 years to have the kind of success I want, but the way to reach it faster is not by beating myself up. But rather, to keep looking for evidence of my success in every moment of every day.

I can focus my attention on what I am doing well.

I can choose to focus on who I am becoming.

I can choose to focus on the progress I’ve made.

And the people I’ve inspired.


Doing those things brings me closer to having what I want than focusing on what I think I’m doing wrong.

I’m sure I’m making a lot of mistakes – some I’m probably not even aware of.

But the more I fear making mistakes, the more power they have over me.

Even in the moments I feel weak, part of me is strong.

Even in the moments I feel hopeless, there is still hope.

And I find it by looking.

I find it by remembering I’ve found it before.

I find it by reminding myself I always manage to land on my feet.



And I find it by realizing it’s not as far as I think.

The answers are right in front of me.

And in fact, they are within me.


And they might not always look the way I thought they would.

I might not always feel the way I’d hoped I’d feel.

But if I listen closely…

And if I love myself even when the answers are different than I thought they’d be…

That’s when I’m free.


And then I remember freedom is all I’ve been wanting the entire time.

But here’s the secret:

It didn’t come from any outer circumstance.


Freedom is always within us, waiting to be acknowledged.


I understand I don’t have to push so hard.

I get there is a part of me that does allow ease and grace. And just because it’s not the dominant part in this moment, does not mean I can’t choose to find comfort in knowing it’s there.

For every part of me that feels something unpleasant, there’s a part eager to rise to the surface – the one who knows life is meant to be joyful.

That I deserve to feel balanced and in alignment.

It’s okay to trust.

The acceptance I want first comes from accepting myself.

Peace is just a breath away.

And freedom doesn’t cost a thing.


And now, I feel complete.

I am whole.

This is where I want to be.


So now, it’s your turn to write. Think of something in the future you’re worried about – an upcoming event or interaction with someone.

#1 Write about your fears and the worst thing that could possibly happen.

#2 Write out the best possible outcome.

#3 Come up with something even better.


Thanks so much for reading. Please leave your comments and insights in the box below!

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