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Life coaching for teenagers? Yes. And their parents.

So what is life coaching? In a nutshell, it is for those who are ready to get serious about their goals or who have a challenge they are ready to tackle. It is the best way (that I’ve found) to grow healthier, happier and more successful in every area of your life.

Is teen life coaching right for your daughter?

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Whatever your daughter’s challenge – trouble at school, feelings of doubt and hopelessness, fear of the future, relationship issues – I know she has it in her to not only make it through, but in the process learn more about herself and love herself more than she ever has before.

If you’re ready for your daughter to experience more joy, laughter, self-acceptance and creativity, apply for your free breakthrough session right away.

This breakthrough session is done with you, however my coaching programs are specifically for teens. This session will just help you get a feel for what I offer and get your questions answered.

My training/experience:

  • I am a certified life coach through the Quantum Success Coaching Academy
  • I’ve studied personal development for over 10 years and have both led and participated in countless workshops and have done (and continue to do) the inner work. In other words, I practice what I preach.
  • I’ve done extensive training to be able to facilitate meditations (one of many tools I use in coaching).
  • Above all, I have been through life. I’ve lived all the things I write and talk about. I’ve always had a willingness to work on my issues and be completely honest with myself and I believe that anyone who chooses to can overcome anything. I know that sometimes it just takes a little extra love and support. And I love being able to help with that.
  • I get results. Check out some testimonials here.

Facts about coaching:

  • Sessions are typically 45 minutes
  • Sessions are done by phone or Skype and can be done from anywhere!
  • Your daughter has the option of having her sessions recorded so she can go back to them later.
  • She gets to set the intentions as the sessions are all about HER
  • She will receive lots and lots of positive reinforcement + encouragement

Additional benefits your daughter will receive from coaching with me:

  • She’ll learn how to be more aware of her thoughts and beliefs
  • She’ll learn how to implement new thoughts and beliefs that better serve what she wants to accomplish
  • She’ll start (and continue) to feel a lot more confident
  • She’ll learn processes to soothe her worry and anxiety
  • Processes that will make life easier and more FUN
  • She’ll learn how to work together with the universe to create what she wants
  • She’ll be held accountable (by me!) and others if she chooses to participate in group programs

My ideal clients are youth and/or their parents who:

  • Want to make the process fun/will laugh with me (life doesn’t have to be a drag)
  • Are ready to commit to their vision and dreams
  • Love to learn and grow
  • Are natural born leaders
  • Dreamers who are ready to turn their dreams into reality
  • Are willing to work the processes
  • Are honest with me and themselves
  • Love writing/journaling/creative endeavors
  • Want to learn how to manage time and stress
  • Are ready to improve the way they communicate
  • Want to boost their self-esteem
  • Want more loving and respectful relationships
  • Are ready to break the cycle of self-sabotage

I’m not a therapist (that’s my husband’s job which he’s great at!) and my main focus is not to fix anyone. Your daughter is not broken. She’s brilliant.

What I will do:

  • Remind your daughter how awesome and capable she is
  • Give her coping skills and awareness techniques
  • Hold her accountable + have her commit to that which will keep her growing and glowing
  • Share stories and experiences of how I’ve overcome various not so fun things in my life
  • Inspire her to use her creativity to shine

What I won’t do:

  • Tell her what to do
  • Focus on the problem
  • Try to change her

Ready for a miracle?