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Leeza Robertson

Your Story and Why Others Need It by Leeza Robertson

Leeza Robertson

This is a guest post by the amazing and talented Leeza Robertson! I had the honor and joy of taking Leeza’s “Write Your Story Your Way” workshop which resulted in me finishing my book, Journals Have Feelings Too.

Her guidance and practical system allowed me to finish my book with ease. Please enjoy this beautiful post and be sure to go here to learn more.

Have you ever wondered why you have come to walk the path you are on?

Do you ever sit and wonder why your life has taken the twist and turns it has?

I believe we come here to teach by example. That every wrong turn, every bump, every tragedy and every victory is not just for our benefit but for those around us as well. Let’s face it, wouldn’t you want to get advice from someone who has lived through what you have rather then from someone who has no clue how to connect to your experience?

Think about the books you read, the songs you listen to the shows you watch. They all have a connection to your journey. They all will either be sharing in your experience or giving you ways out of it. No matter how hard we try we can never escape the lesson that is our own life. And that is why your story is so important.

Everything you go through and experience will resonate with someone else. Your story will have meaning and impact to those who have come to travel a similar path. This is why others need to hear your story, read your story and share in your story.

When I was going through art school one of my lecturers told us that art moves people, but it only matters if it moves one person. That if you can touch the soul of one person your art has done all it was meant to come into the world to do. I have carried those words into everything I have done and continue to do.

Your story is the same as a piece of art. It does not have to change the whole world, sometimes the whole world is not the point. Sometimes it is merely to be the light in one other persons darkness. Sometimes it is just to change the world inside of someone else. That is the true power of what you have to offer the world with your writing.

So the next time you find yourself going through a bad day, or even a fantastic day, remember that someone somewhere is waiting for you to share your story and change their world.

Leeza Robertson is a best selling author, speaker and book coach. She runs writing retreats and author programs to help new and aspiring authors go from idea to book to published author. Leeza is also the host of the largest FREE online event for new authors. Find out more at http://leezarobertson.com/jan/

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Love. But How?

This post first appeared on Many Writers and was written by Frances Daphne. Whether you believe in God or not, this a beautiful and well-written post on the topic of love.

Personally, I’ve always been fascinated and in love with learning about all religions and I appreciate them all.

So, let’s hear it for Frances!

You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, & with all your mind.

This is the greatest & the 1st commandment. The 2nd is like it:

You shall love your neighbour as yourself.

The whole law and the prophets depend on these two commandments

Matthew 22:37-40

The question is, how do I love? I do not know how to love, Lord. I thought I did, but I gave up. I recently came to a point that I decided I had best be alone. I have come to prefer solitude over company – so that I may never have to let anyone down; never have to offend anyone; quietly learn to co exist peacefully with others and offer up prayers for them– without going the extra mile to mingle. I have grown tired of my human condition, and also of the many unloving things people do unwittingly. I do not blame them for being unloving. But I do see that we live in a world that knows no love. True Unselfish Love.

I do not know how to love– yet I know what is unloving. Funny huh?!

St.Paul writes a Hymn of love. Perfect Love of God:

LOVE  is patient, love is kind, it is not jealous. LOVE is not pompous, it is not inflated, it is not rude. It does not seek its own interests, it is not quick tempered, it does not brood over injury, it does not rejoice over wrongdoing but REJOICES WITH THE TRUTH. LOVE  bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. LOVE never fails.


This truth, what is it? Truth. The truth — I suppose, is LOVE itself. Because St.Paul explains if we have everything (all knowledge, eloquence, ability etc) but no love, we are nothing (1Corinthians13:1-3)

Then I look back at what I wrote above -about my preference for solitude. I admit – that is self-seeking. I am protecting my own interests. From what? From disappointment. But as God’s definition of Christian love shows — LOVE BELIEVES ALL THINGS.

I used to live in a bubble. I still do. I feel that people SHOULD be kind. People SHOULD believe in second chances. That people SHOULD NOT gossip/backstab. That if there is any unhappiness, one SHOULD approach the other and gently clear the air — so that the person concerned CAN grow into a better individual. Or if there is no way we can feedback to the person involved– then at least avoid speaking bad of the person. I had always felt this way. . . Until I saw people whom I trusted do the most unloving things I thought true friends wouldn’t do. I couldn’t bring myself to love them. I felt disgust within me. And then I felt disgusted at myself for feeling this way toward them.


I failed to see the truth — the truth is — we are all flawed. My perfect little thought bubble of human relationships. The people I allowed into my little bubble of idealism. They are MY NEIGHBOUR.


How would I like myself to be loved?

I would like to be given second chances. I would like to be remembered for the joy and goodness I bring to this world. I would like to be given space when I tire (but that is me alone, how do I know how others would like to be treated?). I would like to be understood for my good intentions — and not be misinterpreted and misconstrued by others. And so… this is how I should love my neighbour, isn’t it? The least I can do is give my heart to understanding them – and if I cannot understand them, then at least — BELIEVE in goodness. Believe in the goodness that they are capable of. Because — that is truly how I want to be loved.

Because I feel sad by the unloving experiences I have received (and given out to others, sadly)– I wish not to face this sadness anymore. Thus my preference for solitude. Because, when you are alone with Christ – Jesus who is pure love, never disappoints. I love the gentle peace, the quiet embrace, and the silence. The silence through which my soul sings in gratitude for making it through each day.

Then, in the silence, I also receive this message: Love me. Love my people.

God is a God of relationship. He is not a lonely God.

And so, I am called to respond.

Love. But how?

“Have I tried? Have I really tried to love this way? By doing, by trying, this is the only way to learn to love. Day by Day- to practise – to try, to fail – but it’s okay. It is a progress & needs preparation. It is worthwhile in the end. It is to enrich.  Start over. Again & Again. We are on a journey. WE ARE NOT THERE YET. ”

[heard during Advent Recollection  (with Verbum Dei missionaries]

Frances, fear not, for I am with you. Do not be dismayed. For I am your God. I will strengthen you, & help you, & uphold you with my right hand of justice. Fear not. I will help you. (Isaiah 41:10,13)

Have courage to step forward. Start with a step. One step to Love. To stumble.. to fall… And then, to Love. Again and Again.

Because Love hopes all things… and.. Love never ends. 

This is how. This is what Love is really about. Are you ready, Frances?

Affirmations for teenagers
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Teen Truth: Donte’s Story

This post first appeared on TEEN TRUTH.

JC Pohl met TRUTH TRIBE member Donte Winrow while on the road this fall. Donte and JC learned a lot from each other at that TEEN TRUTH LIVE: BULLY presentation at Johnson Middle School in Westminster, CA. Read Donte’s powerful story!

I want you to understand that the TEEN TRUTH LIVE: BULLY presentation changed my life and the way I look at my disorder. The disorder I have is called Tourettes Syndrome and it’s not very common. The disorder forces me to have physical and vocal tics that often can’t control.

I realized I had this disorder when I was in 6th grade and it made that year the worst year of my life! It was so hard for me because I was always so embarrassed.

I still remember all the names of the people that made fun of me and tried to copy my Tourettes. At school I heard a lot of jokes and rumors about me. One of the tics I use to have because of my Tourettes was a twitch where and hit my nose. I heard a joke about my tic that was spread around the whole school. They said I would twitch because I was sniffing crack and that bothered me a lot.

Imagine living 8 years of your life having fewer friends then your supposed to have just because you have a disorder you can’t control. I always struggled with my Tourettes and the way people treated because of it. I also struggled with treating people nicely because I felt they were always mean to me.

On Thursday October 29, I heard we had an assembly at my school. They said it was going to be about life and teenagers. I immediately thought it was going to be a bunch of bull and a waste of my time. Because I was thinking these thoughts I started talking through the beginning of the presentation.

I wasn’t loud until my Tourettes started acting up. My Tourettes starts going off when there’s increased activity or excitement in my brain. I was talking and my tics from my Tourettes were causing me to make strange sounds.

Because of the strange noises JC, the speaker, got on me about talking aloud and told me to be aware of the impact I was having on the rest of the group. I felt ashamed and embarrassed.

After that, we watched TEEN TRUTH BULLY and it literally made me think in a way I never thought about before.

My mind went into shock, my whole mind just blanked. After the film I was glued to what JC had to say. I loved the presentation and in the end it actually made me realize that I had to apologize for disrupting the presentation.

I told JC about my disorder, and he realized that it wasn’t my fault. He told me that we often times don’t realize what issues a person is dealing with because we never ask and the impact that we have could hurt.

That day we both learned a TRUTH about each other and we both realized we made judgments that were false.

The TEEN TRUTH LIVE presentation was the best presentation I have ever seen. It made me realize that it is okay to be different. If I weren’t different, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

If you’re not the same as everyone else, that doesn’t mean your stupid or a retard. Get over the bad comments and rumors spread about you because you’re a different person.

Be a happier person, be yourself. To get over your obstacles you need to forget all the bad. Try to go on with your life, and stop copying the people that are not going to make a difference. I believe anyone can make a difference. You just have to believe in yourself and try!


Please Welcome Mari McCarthy!

This post is by Mari McCarthy of CreateWriteNow.

Do You Have the Morning Pages Advantage?

Whether or not you’re a “morning person,” you probably agree that those first few moments after you wake up are a different kind of consciousness. You might feel a little foggy-headed, for instance, half still in dreamland, if you’re the type that operates best in the latter part of the day. If you’re an “A” type of personality, you may feel most sharp in the early morning.

Either way, it’s a special time. Maybe you can find new discoveries in your semi-dreaming awareness; or those of you who wake up raring to go probably benefit from the thoughts and plans that come to you first thing in the morning. So this post is a suggestion to use those early moments for something truly transformative.

I’m talking about journal writing. And not just any journal writing, but Morning Pages journaling. Julia Cameron invented the practice a couple decades ago, describing it in detail in her classic book, The Artist’s Way. The basic idea is to write stream-of-consciousness thoughts, filling up three pages every morning right after you arise.

Morning Pages are like sleep or a great meal or a swim in the ocean in that they refresh our minds so that we can approach the day with positive energy.

At CreateWriteNow, we realize that the hardest thing about journaling may well be the part about getting started. It’s often prohibitively difficult to start a new healthy habit. We generally prefer the status quo and dislike change. Yet if we could just get started, our lives would improve!

So that’s why we recently created the 12 Days of Morning Pages. Available both as a course delivered to your email inbox over the 12 days, as well as in ebook form, the material provides an easy entry to your daily practice.

A healthy lifestyle must include support for various parts of the self. Of course eating nutritious foods and getting enough exercise are important. A peaceful home life and work that fulfills you are also key. Good friends and lots of fresh air help a great deal. But perhaps the most important aspect of a healthy lifestyle is emotional support. If you feel strong emotionally, you think just about anything is possible.

A journal writing practice is a free and always available path to emotional strength. The Morning Pages can open up the wonders of journaling, and our new course will bring the Morning Pages home to you like a long lost lover.

Do you have a Morning Pages habit? We’d love to hear about it. Please share in the comments.



Mari L. McCarthy is The Journaling Therapy Specialist, founder of Create Write Now (http://createwritenow.com), the Personal Growth Journaling Place. Mari offers counseling and encouragement to journal writers through her many online journaling resources, as well as private consultations. Mari’s teachings and workbooks center around journaling for self-discovery, self-growth, and self-healing. 12 Days of Morning Pages (http://www.createwritenow.com/12-days-of-morning-pages) is her latest emailed course, providing a gentle entrance to a life-changing practice.