mindfulness poster
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great mindfulness article with cool art

mindfulness poster

I just read this article on Huffington post and had to share it because it’s awesome.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 🙂

Mindfulness for teenagers
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Be mindful

Mindfulness for teenagers

Ive been practicing more mindfulness lately. To me its a necessity.

Its easy to get overtaken by thoughts and emotions, but with practice it can be just as easy and automatic to be present with each task.

Just for today, notice your thoughts and how they make you feel. Thoughts can just be thoughts if we allow them to be. It’s when emotions kick in and we start telling ourselves the old familiar story that things start to get tricky.

If and when you find yourself in a panicked state, ask yourself, what am I believing about myself or this situation? Is it really true? Even if it is, will focusing on it resolve the problem?

Write down your findings or share them below. 🙂

favorite thanksgiving recipe

Favorite Thanksgiving Recipe (Raw, Gluten Free + Vegan)

favorite thanksgiving recipe

In a previous post, I talked about some of my dietary guidelines and choices as it is a critical piece of what has helped my body heal.

That being said, I want to start sharing more of that with you!

Today’s recipe is one I received while working at the raw food restaurant referenced in this post. It’s a great vegan alternative to mashed potatoes. I hope you enjoy my favorite thanksgiving recipe!

Happy Turkey Day!

raw "mashed potatoes" recipeHere’s a pdf version too, if you’d like. 

Let me know how it goes! Oh and by the way, to make the cashew + macadamia nut milk, just blend 1/4 cup cashews, 1/4 cup macadamia nuts and 1 cup of water together. 🙂


*UPDATE: It should say 1/2 CUP macadamia nuts. Oops!*

Worry tree
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[printable worksheet] the worry tree

My therapist gave me a worksheet I’ve found helpful. It was quite plain so I jazzed it up to make it more fun (and festive).

Click to print and enjoy!

Worry tree

carrie leigh sandoval manifesto
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Manifesto Magnifico


a public declaration of policy and aims.


an eminent, powerful, or illustrious person.

carrie leigh sandoval manifesto

I had so much fun creating this manifesto as part of Amethyst Mahoney’s connect challenge. 

Here’s a template (from Amethyst) to create your own: 

Life is like _______________________________________________.
It is perfectly reasonable to ______________________________.
When I wake up in the morning, I want to feel ______________________________.
My most important purpose is to ______________________________.
My fantasy is _______________________________________________.
______________________________ is a “Yes!”
No is ______________________________.
I value ______________________________.

Having your own manifesto around you will help remind you what makes you you and what you will and won’t stand for. It’s so easy to get lost in others’ opinions, beliefs and values, so…

Have this on hand in case you forget. 🙂

change of plans
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Truth #1 – Changing Plans

change of plans

As a perfectionist with OCD and a myriad of other diagnoses, I have trouble adjusting to change. I often feel that if I have to change the plan, I’ve failed. This thinking leaves no room for understanding and is the exact type of black and white thinking characteristic of borderline personality disorder.

As with all unhealthy thinking styles, it is a trap. But, there’s hope (always). With practice, you can begin to re-pattern your thoughts to benefit you rather than destroy you.

Here is a full list of unhealthy thinking types that screw with us.

Please note: I do not own the rights to this worksheet. I simply took a photograph of it to share with you. There is no author on the copy that was provided to me.

As I said above, the first step to changing anything is awareness. You have to be able to recognize what’s happening and be willing to question the validity of your thoughts. Because they will lie to you. They will blow things out of proportion. It’s going to happen. Make peace with that.

Step two is to accept the thought – not as the truth, but that it is present. It’s there. And it’s not going anywhere until you acknowledge it. So the inner dialogue might be something like: “Wow I’m feeling really bad I wonder what I’m thinking (feelings will always let you know you’re thinking a thought that argues with reality).” Instead of blaming yourself or someone else, just notice the thought, see it for what it is. And then…

Investigate. Is it true? For example, if you realize you’re thinking “everyone hates me.” Is it really true? Can you absolutely know that it’s true? Probably not. Remind yourself that even if it were true, you can choose to love and accept yourself anyway. Besides, what other people think of you is none of your business (I think Wayne Dyer said that).

Final step: forgive yourself. It happens. And you’re going to get better at recognizing and redirecting your thoughts as you practice doing so.

It takes courage, it takes love and a great deal of faith. But you can do it.

I believe in you. 🙂

Aside: I find it ironic that this post was going to be about change and completely changed into something else. Here’s to being flexible! I’d love to hear how this post impacted you. Please do leave me your comments below. Thanks!

I’ll leave you with a video I made the other day that fits nicely with this post. Be sure to watch it all the way to the end to see my son make his cameo.

I also just found a more thorough list of negative thinking habits and possible solutions here.

world suicide prevention day
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Today is World Suicide Prevention Day

world suicide prevention day

Created by Clark County Student for the Signs of Suicide Poster Contest

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day.

First, I’d like to share a new procedure with you. It’s from Matthew Dovel, president of International Suicide Prevention. He has recently released this procedure called (4 Phase) which can be self-administered in as little as 5 minutes.

It was designed to bypass stigma and allow those that are suffering from depression, anxiety, and/or suicidal thoughts.


Second, I wanted to let you know about the 8th Annual “Walk in Memory Walk for Hope” which is put on by the Nevada Coalition for Suicide Prevention (of which I am proud to be a member of).

“This community suicide prevention awareness walk will be taking place on Saturday, September 13, 2014, in eleven different communities across the State of Nevada. Walk participants are asked to donate $20 per individual. All donations will be used to help fund various NCSP programs in communities throughout the state.”

Las Vegas/Henderson Location = Bob Miller Middle School, 2400 Cozy Circle, Henderson, NV 89052. Registration begins at 8:00 am

I’ll be volunteering at the registration table and hope to see you there.

It takes all of us working together to make changes. Your presence DOES MATTER.

there is always hope
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[Video] Lori Petro teaches the single best strategy for gaining your child’s respect

Watch this quick video from Lori Petro on gaining your child’s respect:

For the whole post, visit this page.