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Freedom quotes
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[Day 30] What I learned from (completing!) the 30 day challenge

Freedom quotes

Today is the 30th and final day of the blog challenge. I reached my goal of posting something every day for the entire 30 days.

My prompt for the day:

What impact did the 30 Day Magic Up Your Blog! Challenge have on you? What did you learn about yourself, blogging, and sharing? Would you recommend this challenge to others? What did you like? What would you like to see done differently?

Even if I had to wake up at 3 in the morning to make a post, I made the commitment to write something and share it every single day.

I learned (again):

  • When I focus on one task at a time, I can complete it fairly easily.
  • Resistance to change is natural for me (and pretty much everyone else), but it doesn’t mean I should stop doing it.
  • It also doesn’t mean I should push myself through something when I’m just not feeling it.

I realized I enjoy and want to start sharing more personal posts. This challenge reminded me of my deadjournal/diaryland/melodramatic days (all public online journaling sites) and how much I loved just writing my heart out (rather than “how-to” articles). Sometimes sharing my life, without bulleted points and perfect structure is exactly what someone needs to read. It’s kind of amazing when I think about it.

I would highly recommend this challenge to anyone who wants to:

  • Deepen their connection to themselves/their purpose.
  • Deepen their connection to other amazing peeps.
  • Help others through personal storytelling and sharing.
  • Get better at writing.
  • Learn how to write on a regular basis.
  • Drive traffic to their website.
  • Have fun!

The top ten things I am most grateful for:

  1. I feel like I honed my writing voice even more.
  2. I let some fears (of it not being perfect, of upsetting someone, of not “delivering enough value,” of sounding “full of myself” go).
  3. It helped me remember why I write – it always makes me feel better.
  4. It helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  5. It helped me connect with incredible women.
  6. I feel blessed that these women took the time to stop by and read and comment on my posts and I enjoyed reading and commenting on theirs too.
  7. It helped me create some content I’m really proud of – I found myself saying “I’m a really good writer” and not just saying it but feeling it and owning it. In fact I realized, it’s the one thing I truly deeply love doing.
  8. The entire challenge was a huge act of self-love. I allowed myself to be open to what wished to be expressed through me and didn’t hold back. I asked for help. I knew it was what I needed to do and did it.
  9. I learned that posting the link to my post in a group brings people to my site much more effectively than simply posting to my facebook wall.
  10. My imperfections create potential for greater connections – in other words, I don’t have to wait until I’m feeling perfect and life is dandy to write something meaningful.

Also: I would love to participate in this challenge again 3 or 4 times a year. I loved it!

Special thank you to Amethyst Mahoney for creating and beautifully executing this challenge. And to all the women who participated. I’m looking forward to doing this again!

Comments? Share them below!

Carrie's vision board
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How to Create a Vision Board

Have you ever wondered how to create a vision board?

Or why someone would?

Creating and utilizing vision boards is a highly effective way to keep you in alignment with your dreams and goals. They are a visual representation of you and your life. It doesn’t matter what age you are or what your circumstances are – we all have the ability to dream and imagine.

And we all have the right to do so.

I’ve been creating them for years and I always:

1. Really enjoy it

2. Am amazed/excited/delighted when something I put on the board happens

3. Feel really clear on what my purpose is and why I’m doing what I’m doing


Some other benefits of creating a vision board include:

  • A more positive outlook
  • Tapping into your creativity
  • Greater awareness and self-esteem
  • Proof that the law of attraction works (so you’ll want to use it more often!)
  • If you look at it daily, your mind will begin to bring the images up when you need them most (i.e. if you’re in crisis your brain will bring the image up and bring you comfort because it’s attached to the feeling the image brings)
Here’s what you’ll need:
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Poster board
  • Magazines (I went to Savers [a local thrift store] and they were 29 cents each I believe)
  • An open mind and heart

*You can even create different boards for different categories (I have a “me” board, family board and biz board for this year)

*Or if you prefer to do your vision board all digital, go to DreamItAlive (I have one on there too. Go here to view my profile and you can add and share yours with me :)).

Decide ahead of time if this is something you would like to do with by yourself or with friends. Everyone is different – some prefer to create in solitude while others are more likely to create and enjoy the process in the company of others. Honor the decision that feels best to you.

Also, get clear on how you would like to experience to go. What would you like to get out of the process? How do you want to feel as you do this? I always ask to be guided to the images that will be the most powerful for me and I also ask my analytical mind to take the backseat so I can be in an open and creative space.

Here are some questions to ponder prior to choosing your images:

What experiences would I like to welcome into my life?

What are 5 words that instantly uplift me? (then look for those in the magazines)

What is the essence of my desires? (for example: Say you would like more friends. Ask: Why do I want this? What will it bring me? A sense of community and belonging? More laughter?)

My finished product that is now taped on the ceiling above my bed:

Carrie's vision board

  • It’s not about perfection and there isn’t a right or wrong way to do this.
  • The 30 minutes before bed and the first 30 when you wake up are when you are most receptive. That being said, be sure to put your vision board in a place where you’ll see it during those times!
  • Don’t create your board from a place of needing these things to happen.
  • You draw your dreams closer by first accepting and giving thanks to what is.
  • Trust that if whatever you are asking for is indeed for you highest and best, it will come.

For extra manifesting power, write a love letter to yourself describing why you so deserve to have everything you want!

In conclusion:

Dreaming, imagining and believing are WAY better for you than worrying.

And also way more fun.


How’d it go? Let me know!