Affirming what you want is an act of self love. Affirmations allow you to consciously decide who you are and what you want. They are always said in first person. When you say these out loud, feel them in your heart. If you are feeling resistant, DO NOT LIE TO YOURSELF. Start with something believable for YOU. If not, your subconscious mind can and will throw a huge fit.

I create these affirmations/artwork when they feel true to me, trusting the right person will see it at the right time. I encourage you to create your own and above all HAVE FUN!

Gratitude affirmation
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Thanksgiving Gratitude Affirmation

Here’s a special Thanksgiving gratitude affirmation to say to yourself out loud. Feel free to use it daily! Remember, the more you choose to recognize the love within you, the more you will see and feel it all around you.

You are powerful!

Gratitude affirmation

Self-esteem in teens
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Just a reminder…

This affirmation can be used by teens and parents alike. I feel like college students will find it especially helpful.

Self-esteem in teens

choose to be happy
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An Affirmation for Self Esteem

Today’s affirmation can be used by anyone looking for a self esteem boost and a reminder that your happiness starts with you.

Often times we say, “I’ll be happy, when…” and we hand our well-being over to others.

Well, this affirmation for self esteem reminds you that you have a choice.

choose to be happy

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Express Yourself

Your opinions are valuable. Use this affirmation as a daily reminder to speak your truth. Especially if it’s different from everyone else’s.


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Love Exists in All Moments

When in doubt, use this affirmation.


Decide to look for love within you and all around you.

Start by finding one thing you love.

Maybe it’s a song.

Or an exchange of words.

Or a smile.

You can find love in your darkest moments.

And I encourage you to do so.