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I’ve always liked words. Saying them, writing them, contemplating language itself. I wanted to be a linguist. Anthropological linguistics was one of my most interesting college courses. I’ve been interested in so many things over the years which has made me very knowledgable and interesting to talk to but rather intolerable at times due to […]

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My most important job is to love myself no matter what, to accept that I make mistakes and to carry on. A happy mommy will automatically create a happy baby. Dwelling, worrying and obsessing do not change anything. I will remind myself of this as often as necessary. I am happy. Take some deep breaths. […]

My Very First Post

So…hi. I am in the process of learning how to use wordpress and the blog is going to be a central part of my website. So I am testing this ish out. I am really looking forward to the adventure and sharing it all with everyone who comes over here to visit. Thank you. Love, […]