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Manifesto Magnifico

Manifesto man·i·fes·to/ˌmanəˈfestō/ noun a public declaration of policy and aims. Magnifico mag·nif·i·co/maɡˈnifəˌkō/ noun an eminent, powerful, or illustrious person. I had so much fun creating this manifesto as part of Amethyst Mahoney’s connect challenge.  Here’s a template (from Amethyst) to create your own:  Life is like _______________________________________________. It is perfectly reasonable to ______________________________. When I […]

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Today is World Suicide Prevention Day

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. First, I’d like to share a new procedure with you. It’s from Matthew Dovel, president of International Suicide Prevention. He has recently released this procedure called (4 Phase) which can be self-administered in as little as 5 minutes. It was designed to bypass stigma and allow those that are suffering from depression, anxiety, […]