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This collaborative ebook was compiled by the amazing Becky McCleery of Raising Loveliness – a blog dedicated to moms. In the book you’ll find interviews with incredible moms with incredible businesses. Download your copy for free.






I had the honor and privilege of being a guest writer for this major parenting site. It is the most comprehensive parenting guide I’ve seen on the internet with articles on everything from pregnancy to the college years.  Read the “3 Proven Steps to Improving Communication Between Parents and Teens” here.


Chris Cade

This article actually ended up being published in the book Love and Light: Inspiration and Guidance from Las Vegas, but I’m excited Chris Cade has posted it to his website too! Chris in an incredible writer and teacher and I love getting his emails and watching the videos he sends out. I highly recommend signing up for them if you’re looking for some serious inspiration!


parenting teenagers website

Molly Wingate and Marti Woodward are experts in the field of parenting teenagers. Their parenting model as described in their book, Slow Parenting Teens is APPROVED BY TEENAGERS and has been proven to help parents build loving, positive and respectful relationships with their teens.

Read the Article I contributed to their site titled “5 Secrets to Getting Along with Your Teenager”





Create Write Now is Mari McCarthy’s blog for all things journaling. Mari is an avid and inspiring journaler whose courage I adore. Can you believe she journals alternating hands? How cool is that?! I love her programs and her blog posts and I loved writing this post for her blog!

Love YourSelf Enough to Write





I met Lina Gadi, an amazing young entrepreneur and CEO of through twitter. I was honored and excited when she asked me to share some of my expertise in a guest blog post. In the article, I discuss 3 critical pointers that have allowed me to move forward in my business.

Read the 3 Keys for Allowing Success in Your Business




I had the joy and honor of being a guest on my friend Mirri’s podcast “Inspiration with Mirri.” In the beginning, she shares her incredible story which brought me to tears. Have a listen to feel uplifted, inspired and to remember that you can do ANYTHING!

Click here to listen to the podcast now.


My friend Nathan, yet another amazing journaling guru asked me to join him on his podcast, JournalTalk which features experts in the field of journaling. I really enjoy listening to his show and learning about how other people use journaling in their lives.

Click to hear my interview where I talk about my book and take Nathan through a quick Law of Attraction process


Sonny and I have known each other for years and we ended up being coaching buddies through the quantum success coaching academy. I was honored when he asked me to be one of his first guests for his new internet tv show. In the video interview we talk about my troubling past that led me to be so passionate about my work.

Watch the interview


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